SUV With Best MPG: A Search For the Gold Standard

What Is A SUV?

        SUV with best MPG. SUV is an acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle. The SUV with the best mpg may be organized by suv categories.  There are many types of suvs: mini suv, compact suv, mid-size suv, large suv, crossover suv, luxury suv,  off-road suv.  Then there are gasoline, diesel, and hybrid versions of each type.  Then each year model has different mpg ratings.

     SUV Best MPG: That’s Not The Gold Standard I Meant

        The suv with best mpg for 2013 is the 2013 Lexus Ct 200h with 42 combined mpg.  The manufacturer may call their model “exhilarating”.    However, a disinterested reviewer may call the same model, “pokey”.    If the suv with best mpg is “pokey”, does one still want it? 

      Studies show that many people who search for the vehicle with the best mpg usually want it all.  They want:  best mpg, substantial horsepower, good torque, reduced emissions, prime handling, safety, appealing style exterior and interior, and an awesomely low price.  Other studies demonstrate prospective new/used car buyers have moderated their expectations in each desirable feature of an automobile.


        Nevertheless, finding the suv with best mpg may be more intricate than would first appear.  An “apple to apple” comparison may be more informative.

        To begin with, there are at least a 24 types of suvs.  Then each type has years, if not decades, of year models.  To place all types, years, makes, and models of suvs in a comprehensive chart would require hundreds of entries for a true “apples to apples” comparison.   

         A comparison mpg chart of every 2013 suv can be found here.

       One may have to read between the lines of a chart to figure out certain things.  For example: a sports utility vehicle (SUV) planned for release in 2014 may have merely one mile better mpg than a similar type of suv from 1996.  One may have to wade through much hype. 

       Then one may overlook the fact that there is no substantial improvement after nearly two decades for mpg for similarly weighted models.  Or one may find that a large suv has better mileage because of lower weight, but that the same vehicle performs poorly in crash tests.  Therefore, if a dozen criteria including safety, weight, mpg, and cost were included in a chart for a truly comprehensive chart of all suv’s, then there would surely be a thousand entries in the chart.

SUV Best MPG: Hey The Chart Is Missing Some SUV’S

       After a comprehensive research or comparison review has been completed then some manufacturer is sure to release information on yet another model or make that does not fit the mold of any previous one, or that “would have” outranked others in a survey if only it had been released prior to the completion of any given comprehensive review.

       The ford escape hybrid 2013 with 32 mpg combined city and hwy makes the top of one list of best mpg suv.  But then the Chevrolet Suburban  2500 2WD 2013 comes in at 12mpg combined city and hwy.  Then another list of suv with best mpg appears, and guess who wins this time:  2013 Lexus Ct 200h with 42 combined mpg. (Note: Already mentioned earlier but mentioned here in different context). 

SUV With Best MPG | The True Cost Now: That’s What I’m Talking About

       By the time one finishes a first round of research on Suv Best MPG one may easily see that the price range of $22,000 to $32,000 includes all types of SUV’s including hybrids.  But the moment one begins to have it all even in part, the price rapidly escalates above the average cost of a 2013 vehicle, $40,884.   Yes, the hybrids tend to cost $10,000 more than the gasoline or diesel only versions.  Or one sacrifices greatly in handling or get up and go, and makes a trade-off for a “cheap hybrid”.   Then maintenance, taxes, and insurance kick in, and the expenses for a vehicle become steeply expensive.

        But now comes an option, heretofore, never considered by most Americans:  a real nominee for the gold standard of the suv with best mpg.   Now what could it possibly be?  Here it is.  You may have an old suv you simply prefer except for the MPG.   Or you have your eye on a “pre-owned” suv, or a brand spanking new suv.  Whatever the case may be, except for hybrids, if you have or are planning to have an suv, the real gold standard is thatSUV with a hydrogen generator kit installed.  Here is the wisdom on the matter:  the suv with the best mpg, apples to apples, and hands down finest, is in fact, the suv you already have, or the one you intend to have, with a hydrogen generator kit installed.